Saturday, August 17, 2013


day thirteen

oh hello there sticky date pudding packet mix! did you hear...? i can whip up a pretty mean crepe! so you should be easy as pie!...

not sure if it was too much raspberry soda or my sudden excitement for being excited about baking but i didn't do too well reading the instructions and ended up putting the water for the topping into the cake mix and the cake mix water into the topping mixture...

instead of sticky date i ended up with something that resembled bread and butter pudding... but not the deliciously scrumptious kind.

some might say i'm hopeless in the kitchen... i say i'm just like jesus... turning stuff into other stuff.

day fourteen

today i shall redeem myself. i purchased a packet mix for creme caramel. packet mix shall not win!
the process was interesting and i don't recommend boiling milk in a wok, however when push came to shove i do believe i mixed a pretty yummy dessert!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Aujourd'hui, j'ai fait des crêpes

day 12

today i made crepes. one and a half cups of flour. three perfectly cracked eggs. one and a half cups of milk. a pinch of salt. a squeeze of love. all beaten together until smooth and left to rest... that's if one can wait that long!

the number of burns i received from the oven : nill (hooray!)

my pal kelly is a top notch cook, often entering (and winning) the baking sections at the royal show. with her guidance and supervision and the assistance of a qualified nurse on standby we began the strenuous task of cooking one thousand crepes... or was that paper cranes?

with the special crepe pan ready and the wooden batter spreader on hand it was time to crepe! I believe i have tapped into my hidden talent of le crepe! from now on i shall crepe for every meal!

toppings: lemon and sugar of corse! ... then nutella... then ice cream... then more lemon and sugar then all the toppings!

i believe the scores are equal now... kitchen : one  me : one

can we do hearts next time!

this is charlie! she loves crepes! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013


day eleven

when i was small i made one of the biggest mistakes of my life! i took my first and last ballet lesson. it lasted approximately 36 seconds and today i can still remember running out of class in sheer embarrassment. i was not a confident child and even trying to frolic around a room with 10 other girls sent my cheeks ablaze with self-consciousness. if i could go back now i would tell myself to suck it up! go out there and run around flapping your arms like a ridiculous fairy and become the beautiful ballerina that i know you can be! in hindsight my boobs are too big and my legs are too short to be a professional ballerina so perhaps i saved myself from years of pain and torment. instead i can spend all day watching bunheads and dream about arabesques and pirouettes.

p.s. i think i got a little too hooked on bunheads, i just got the memo that they are not filming a second season and i am devastated.

me and my gals with some exceptional ballerina sass... not really but it could have been.

Friday, August 9, 2013

sushi night - out of sight!

day ten

a recurring scenario when i visit my mum...

mum "hello darling"
me "hi mum"
mum "look... i  bought this (think of anything totally ridiculous) on scoupon the other day and the voucher is about to expire. i'm far too busy to organise it so i thought you would like to do it."
me "WOW mum! a free blood test! that's fantastic! i can't wait to call up tomorrow to book in!"

but then sometimes she gets lucky and actually buys something i can use! such as 100 pieces of mouth watering sushi! and thus sushi night followed...

cast in order of appearance ...

celia - playing the role of the dazzling host with enough sushi up her kimono sleeve to feed 19 sumo wrestlers.
chris/alice - playing the role of foreign exchange student who can't decide on her english name.
rosie - playing the role of midwife to the stars. helping famous mothers in their time of need.
phil - playing the role of modern day ned kelly.
sara - playing the role of the american cheerleader.
chris - playing the role of prince charming who would do anything for his american girlfriend... including learning english so they could converse.
beecher - playing the role of the guy who would hide in plain site if zombies were a real threat to man kind.

the cast would like to thank mum for making this all possible!

we'd also like to thank the wasabi for being especially hot, the sushi rolls for being especially mouth watering (just like the scoupon description promised) and the wine for being especially weird because it was purchased in bulk on scoupon.

Monday, August 5, 2013

kitchen one : me none

day nine

i came across a recipe the other day for home made pop tarts. my 12 yr old self shrilled with excitement at the thought of making these cute and delicious treats! my 26 yr old self on the other hand forgot the fact that i'm terrible in the kitchen, suck at cooking and burn my self at least twice every time i use the oven.

my morning started with the sifting of flower, the cracking of eggs and the mixing of dough. my evening ended with icing spilling all over the bar, jam pouring out of pop tart crevices and three bubbling blisters on my hand.

the homemade pop tarts were not a complete failure to tell the truth. i did however come to a few revelations while i was kneading.

firstly i need to apologise to my future husband. i'm sorry to say you will never hear... "honey i've got a roast on in the oven!" when you get home from work.

to my children... i'm sorry. sorry that you won't have a childhood brought up on delicious home cooked meals. if anything you will be brought up of fake meat, pasta and a lot of take out. you will have awesome hand sewn costumes for parties though so that is a bonus I suppose.

im sure there will be future times when i decided to cook or bake something again... i just hope it's not anytime soon.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

shattered dreams

day eight

my great plan : badge making (so excited about doing this) and other prepping
cards dealt : car broke down. left to sit waiting in the cold and the rain.

my first failed plan hit me hard. i'm very disappointed that i couldn't lend my helping hands. i had planned to help a friend out while she was setting up a new exhibition called TEEN DREAMZ by the midnight snack committee. everything happens for a reason and perhaps if i had helped the badges might have come out looking like someone ran them over with a truck! nevertheless i can't wait to go and see the exhibition which is at a new gallery/ vegan cafe called salad days! (why do all the names sound so delicious)

my day of doing something new turned into doing something old. if my car breaks down one more time i think i will write a very angry letter to the man at volkswagen and give him a piece of my mind. sitting in the car all day did let me catch up on what's playing on the radio... i think i heard the same song three times.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

salted caramel and a scoop of ice cream

day five and six

i never knew to believed it or not... the whole roswell thing. well i do now. i haven't been able to blog for two days because aliens abducted me and made me baby sit their stupid alien babies! on top of that they didn't have fox, wouldn't let me eat from their pantry and wouldn't give me their wifi password (hence the no blogging). plus daddy alien totally tried to cop a feel when he dropped me off.

well thats days five and six accountable for... what new/interesting or exciting thing did i do on day 7?

day seven

after many days of leisurely getting up when i felt like it, when my alarm went off at 6:30 am i felt the wrath of an early morning organised plan. i need to note down somewhere that getting up early always sounds better in my head. luckily for me (unlike many other suckers) i wasn't getting up to do something crap like go to work. i was getting up early for a girl and some crepes. french crepes. the kind made by someone who speaks french and speaks english with a french accent. if i could come back as anything in my next life it would be to come back as anything, with a french accent. maybe that's why people eat snails in france... because they do have french accents and they sound too deliciously sexy not to eat. either way if i come back as a sexy french snail i will be happy.

le carpe diem cafe creperie you have shot an arrow through my heart and now it is bursting with love. thank you golden haired angel (you know who you are) for showing me the way.