Saturday, August 17, 2013


day thirteen

oh hello there sticky date pudding packet mix! did you hear...? i can whip up a pretty mean crepe! so you should be easy as pie!...

not sure if it was too much raspberry soda or my sudden excitement for being excited about baking but i didn't do too well reading the instructions and ended up putting the water for the topping into the cake mix and the cake mix water into the topping mixture...

instead of sticky date i ended up with something that resembled bread and butter pudding... but not the deliciously scrumptious kind.

some might say i'm hopeless in the kitchen... i say i'm just like jesus... turning stuff into other stuff.

day fourteen

today i shall redeem myself. i purchased a packet mix for creme caramel. packet mix shall not win!
the process was interesting and i don't recommend boiling milk in a wok, however when push came to shove i do believe i mixed a pretty yummy dessert!


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